Most expensive car in GTA 5 Online

April 9, 2017


2 (motorist and passenger)

"Weather the latest Great anxiety with a motor vehicle through the last Great Depression. If this rolled from the manufacturing line in 1937, minorities and ladies knew their location. It had been the entire world's quickest vehicle. Today it is the world's most expensive second hand automobile. Certainly one of just 10 available, the Z-Type is a car or truck it is possible to really enjoy sitting in, in the middle of armed protections, too terrified to truly drive it everywhere." ― information, GTA V.

The Truffade Z-Type is a gang vehicle in (driven by members of the Zaibatsu Corporation) and a classic deluxe grand tourer in and .

2D World

The automobile appears inside Downtown, Residential and Industrial Districts of Anywhere City in, all driven by the Zaibatsu gangs. It gives a silenced machine gun when broken. The Z-Type is empowered because of the 1937 Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic.

HD Universe

The vehicle is a sleek classic coupe created by Truffade. It's based on the 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic as well as the 1937 Talbot-Lago kind 150 CS. Like many other vehicles into the series, the Z-Type has no reversing lights, but contains two lime tail lights, which appear to be signal lights. The round circle utilizing the Truffade logo on backside is apparently a boot/trunk, and possesses an extra tyre.

Variation Background Gallery


Grand Theft Auto 2

Inside online game, the automobile is quite quickly, having a top top rate and exemplary acceleration. Game files prove it has a maximum top speed of 405km/h and has now a "turbo" engine. Inspite of the cons, the automobile's handling is quite sharp and prone to oversteering. One can lose control of it extremely fast, if treatment is not taken. However, the maneuvering is quite accountable, therefore the player can stop before a collision without issues also. It is engine sound is distributed to the Meteor, Trance AM, Miara and many more.

Like its counterpart in GTA V, it offers very characteristic managing, with increased top speed and exemplary speed, but is really susceptible to tailspins and certainly will be difficult to manage. But in the possession of of a seasoned driver, it could be a useful getaway car, especially in timed missions.

Grand Theft Auto V

The car is running on a huge V12 engine with a single-overhead camshaft and 6 double-barrel carburetors. The V12 motor can perform powering the car as much as impressive top rates. The automobile has actually an extremely characteristic handling that results in being able to calmly speed up and simply weave through light traffic. This provides the gamer the impression that it's a somewhat simple automobile to drive, but it is also prone to unexpected and unexpected spin-outs upon cornering at any speed. Due to its poor fat circulation and soft suspension, it is susceptible to oversteer, and counter-steering is incredibly tough. Despite just what the speedometer reads in game, it really has the highest top speed off all cars in GTA V whenever totally enhanced, also to be able to slowly outrun the Adder in a straight range.

GTA V Summary

Resource Speed
(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)
Top Rate
(miles per hour / km/h)

(Cubic Capacity/Layout/Type)

Number + Type
(Kg / lb)

(for example. Game data definitions, or reported in-game.) (Claimed Top Rates)

10 Seconds (Web Site) 130 / 209 (Web Site)
87 / 140 (Handling.dat)

3.4L 200HP (Site)

RWD (Handling.dat)

4 (controlling.dat)

1000 / 2205 (controlling.dat)

(in other words. recorded/tested utilizing in-game information.) (Noticed Top Speeds & Acceleration Instances)

10.1 Moments 80 / 128

FMR SOHC V12 w/ 6-Double Barrel Downdraft Carburettors (In-game model)


Mass can not be observed.

Adjustments (GTA V)

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  • Can be bought from Legendary Motorsport for $10, 000, 000.
  • If player parks it in Trevor's Vespucci Beach parking area with Franklin after getting it during "Eye into the Sky" and eliminates themself, it will most likely be parked truth be told there in the event that player hurries back in a taxi, as long as they do not definitely drive just about any car meanwhile.


  • The Z-Type, the Furore GT and Panto are only showcased in two GTA games, both becoming occur 2013.
  • The default stereo for the Z-Type are:
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