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August 11, 2016
Gregory Christofakis, owner of

Newgate class is a tuition-free vocational college with a personalized program and a top success rate. It program typically persists about 18 months. The teacher-student ratio is low, 1 to 6, allowing for individualized training and further help if English isn't the pupil's indigenous language. Pupils continue at unique rate working on specific tasks or included in a team resolving bigger issues.

Newgate pupils understand fundamental abilities that will prepare them for many different apprenticeships inside car business. They will in addition develop life abilities and self-esteem, and discover ways to get a good job and how to help keep it.

The auto human anatomy program began in 1975. Newgate automobile human anatomy students work for the Twin Cities.


Collision repair centers, customizing shops, renovation solutions, car accessory shops, hot pole stores.

Newgate instructors are skilled automotive specialists who have the useful knowledge that could only result from their particular many years of work with auto human body stores. They know first-hand what they’re teaching and exactly what their students should try to learn.

Through the entire instruction procedure, each student is directed toward establishing responsible behavior, a powerful work ethic, plus the confidence necessary to achieve a vocation.


Detailing including

  • Interior cleansing including extraction
  • Buffing & polishing
  • Inspection treatments for all vehicle fluids
  • Identifying human anatomy & technical problems
  • Introduction to little reduction fix
  • Introduction to basic welding
  • Tire fix
  • Pin-striping

Automobile System

  • Preparing series of fixes
  • Panel replacement &alignment; bonding processes
  • Rubber bumper & plastic parts repairs
  • Dent repair—for metals & plastic materials
  • Fundamental electric
  • Glass replacement
  • Welding—using wire-feed & torches


  • Exterior planning & sanding
  • Taping, priming; sealers
  • Color mixing & coordinating; cleaners
  • Damp sand & buffing

Introduction to Frame

  • Understanding gauges & setup
  • Basic pulling
  • Suspension & positioning
  • Comprehending uni-body & framed automobiles
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AUTO Mechanic training program (VTI GREEN TOWN LAHORE).wmv
AUTO Mechanic training program (VTI GREEN TOWN LAHORE).wmv
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