National Car Rental Executive Elite status

March 25, 2015
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Note: users qualify for elite standing according to a straightforward formula of rentals or leasing times.

Elite Levels

Emerald Club Emerald Club
Emerald Club
Executive Elite
Qualifying Rentals N/A 12 25
Qualifying Times 40 85
Access Emerald Aisle Emerald Aisle and Executive Aisle
Credits per Totally Free Day

Emerald Club

The basic Emerald Club membership is available to all which pay a yearly charge of $50 or qualify through somebody system.


  • Emerald Club Aisle access - reserve and pay money for a mid-size car and select any vehicle obtainable in the Emerald Club Aisle (aka "Emerald Aisle"). This frequently includes some a little upscale designs, SUVs, and vans.
  • E-receipt - you don't need to watch for a realtor when coming back accommodations.
  • Selection of incentives:
  • One no-cost local rental day per seven rental credits (either one leasing or four consecutive leasing times)
  • Airline kilometers with several major programs
  • Emerald Club Executive

    Emerald Club people with at the least 12 rentals or 40 local rental days in a twelve months will be granted Executive condition.

    Extra advantages:

  • Emerald Club Executive access - an unique aisle of larger or advanced automobiles available. Officially, an Executive user must reserve and purchase one-class less than the car selected (mid-size for full-size local rental, full size for premium), but this is simply not constantly implemented, with several Executive users driving luxury automobiles at mid-size rates.
  • Free rental time after six leasing credits
  • Emerald Club Executive Elite

    Emerald Club people with at the least 25 rentals or 85 local rental days in a twelve months will likely to be awarded Executive Elite condition.

  • Totally free rental time after five local rental credits
  • No-cost days can include any automobile size or course
  • Guaranteed accessibility with a day notice
  • Will deliver a car around 50 kilometers to "most" exclusive airports, with at the very least 12hrs notice.
  • Status Matches

    Nationwide just isn't recognized to offer status matches for clients of many other agencies, nonetheless they will often waive the $50 annual charge on demand. Nationwide Corporate Benefits (877-707-1086) has been known to status match for a few business clients.

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